This choir was put together very quickly, after an open call was posted on the Vancouver New Music website, and through email list invitations. The first gathering took place and the melody was introduced, and ideas discussed. The participants were told to come up with complaints, and email them to Vancouver New Music. Musician Steve Wright had the task of compiling the text into a song, and he did this while on a trip to Ontario. The song was written in about 90 minutes over a few beers while in Port Dover, Ontario. That evening the song with finished lyrics was sung into a phone and recorded on the other end in Vancouver so the group would be able to rehearse the next morning. One last rehearsal followed and the following Saturday three performances took place around Vancouver on September 27th, 2008.


The Vancouver Complaints Choir was initiated and produced by Vancouver New Music under the direction Artistic Director Giorgio Magnanensi. The song was composed and arranged by Steve Wright, who played guitar. Robyn Carrigan played accordion, the kids used voice changers and the whole group sang, of course!

Members of the group are Robyn Carrigan, Linda Hoffman, Janine Island, Deborah Koenker, Giorgio Magnanensi, Janine Malikian, Christian Prohom, Kevin Romain, Steve Wright, Tracy Wright, and the Kids were Nigel Wright, Max and Finnegan Magnanensi.

Sound recording by Giorgio Magnanensi and Jason Levis
Video by Jason Levis
Video editing by Steve Wright with David Murphy

We are grateful to be part of the Worldwide Complaints Choir family. Any questions or correspondence can be directed to Giorgio Magnanensi at

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